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Jugendchor Eschersheim - Youth Choir Eschersheim/Frankfurt

People who like Spirituals, Sacro Pop Songs or Songs from the Peace Movement will love the Youth Choir Eschersheim (JE). The choirs repertoire contains more than 400 internationally known titles which meet the taste of every age.

The choir was founded in 1965. Hans Dieter Kreis, co-founder, director and conductor in one person proudly to celebrates the Youth Choir Eschersheims 50th anniversary in 2015.

The choir emphasizes a kind of "socially singing" which means to unite people by making music or listening to it. So the singers often perform in churches, hospitals, homes for elderly or handicapped people, in schools, local culture centres and even in prisons.

Throughout the years the Youth Choir Eschersheim has become very popular in- and outside Frankfurt and therefore has been presented on a lot of important events around the City. It took part in the official 1200th anniversary programme of the City of Frankfurt, sang in the most of the local concert halls and eventually framed the wedding ceremony of Andy Möller, a famous National Football League player. Two of its concerts as well as the journey to Rio de Janeiro and the world record as "biggest swimming choir", registered in the "Guinness Book Of Records" were broadcasted by a local TV Channels.

Several songs were recorded and sold on tapes, single records an different CDs.

Traditionally the choir arranges a beneficial concert in the Christmas Season whose net profit is donated to a special institution, facility or social project. In 1997 the choir was able to pass on the sum of € 1,3500.00 to the leader of a children music school at the Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The money should help to run this institution which through music tries to give hope and a decent occupation to poverty stricken children and juveniles.

There are continual international relationships to partner groups and choirs such as the St. Mary's Choir Birmingham St. Mary´s Choir in Birmingham/England -England, the Zlilei Aviv Youth Orchestra -Tel Aviv/Israel, the Children Choir Cantus -Latvia and the school for music in the Rocinha -Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. Once a year the choir goes on great concert tour to meet its friends abroad.

Ten times the choir visited England. In 1989 the singers spent an unforgettable one-week-time in Israel to where they returned in 1998 as official participants in the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of the State of Israel.

In October 2000 the Youth Choir Eschersheim had reach its furthest destination ever: 50 juvenile and young adult singers have been on an exciting journey to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in a close contact with the pupils of the music school in the Rocinha, one of the biggest slums in South America.

In October 2002 the choir visited Rome in Italy and sang in the worlds biggest cathedral, St. Peter, in front of an audience of more than 2,000.

Krakow in Poland was the destination in 2003. The next highlight was the visit of the PR China in 2005, the year of the choirs 40th anniversary. Not to forget journeys to Latvia, Hungary, Italy and last but not least several targets in Germany. 

One of the choirs reasons for success surely lies in its mixture of "duties" and social activities. Different to other institutions the choir never has suffered from a lack of young people to join in the group. Beside all rehearsals, smaller or bigger concerts, tours etc. there are a lot of entertaining events the members take part in.

Every year a "choir weekend" leads to a youth hostel outside Frankfurt where the singers perform in the local churches, sing, talk, play, eat together and simply enjoy themselves.

Frequently the choir organizes Barbeques, Discos, bowling and table tennis competitions or goes out for meals to know the food, drink and at least a bit of the culture of foreign countries.

For the choirs work of course sponsorship is needed. More than 125 business people, politicians, members parents or just friends give regularly financially support to the choir with its currently about 80 active members.

Hans Dieter Kreis, the enthusiastic director, has been honoured with several local and national awards (among them the "Verdienstmedaille des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" in 1997) for his outstanding social engagement for children, young, old and/or handicapped people.

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